Friday, May 3, 2013


Day 3, Friday: 
Things that make you uncomfortable

Photo by S
The picture has no relevance to the post. I just like it
Uncomfortable is something we all feel at one point or another. Things that a person loves, that makes another shudder.

I feel uncomfortable when:
- I am put on the spot
- someone is standing behind me (it makes me shudder)
- trying on shoes
- I am asked to speak in front of people (including in meetings at work)
- people are racist
- there are creepy crawlies in pools
- I am the centre of attention
- it is hot
- during confrontations

There are so many things that can make me uncomfortable. Some I can change, and some that make me who I am; some I can embrace.

What makes you uncomfortable?


  1. Oh my. I was at my job the other day, and my supervisor was literally just standing over my shoulder. I didn't realize it until he just cleared his throat a tiny bit, but it scared the crap out of me!

    1. It always scares me too, though I am easily scared! It sends chills down my spine.

  2. Yes, yes yes with the shoes cause feet are gross.

  3. Racist biggest pet peeve

    1. I can't believe there are still people in today's society that think it is ok.