Friday, March 30, 2012

Easy scarf tutorial

I have seen quite a few 'forever' scarves around lately, so I decided to make a scarf I already owned in to a forever scarf. It is really easy and they look great with almost any outfit.

1. If your scarf has tassles, cut them off

2. Pin the ends together, and then sew a straight stitch along the line. 
You're done! Super easy!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Men's shirt remake

Sorry for the hiatus.. I'm not very good at remembering to blog!

Anyway, a few weeks back S emailed me to tell me he'd ripped his favourite work shirt (while at work) and asked if I could fix it. Upon closer inspection when I got home, I realised I couldn't so I decided to remake it in to a shirt for myself.

I used Colette Sorbetto as my base pattern and since the shirt had buttons I omitted the front pleat. The shirt was just the right size for my size Sorbetto top, I was actually really lucky it worked so well. 

I added the darts like the pattern asks and this made it more feminine. I find the smallest Sorbetto size to be too big on me still so I took it in further at the sides and I placed the pattern toward the bottom of the shirt so I would get the nice rounded hem that the shirt already had...not having to hem was an added bonus!

Here is a before and after. The pictures aren't so great, but I was taking self-portraits because we haven't had time for S to take pictures for me. I will update again when we've got better pictures.

Friday, March 16, 2012


S has an old 50mm Nikon lens (one that only works if you manually focus it) and I have been using it on our SLR a lot lately, just playing with it trying to get some decent pics. 

Ted is a great little model, although a little impatient..

Monday, March 12, 2012

The weekend

This weekend was a pretty quiet one. On Friday night, S and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary at Glebe Point Diner. It was amazing!! I didn't get any pictures though.. I always forget my camera.

Saturday I went and bought some fabric and bits and pieces from The Remnants Warehouse in Alexandria. They have a great range and their stuff is much cheaper than Lincraft and Spotlight. The service is friendlier and the shop is much more organised!

We also headed to Centennial Park in the afternoon for a walk to take advantage of rare sunny day in Sydney.

Yesterday I sewed for most of the day and then we had friends over with their 16 week old Burmese Mountain Dog puppy. She is just lovely and such an excitable little girl.

Of course, the afternoon was topped off with a nice Rekorderlig cider

Sewing Sunday

Over the weekend, I started three projects. I have almost finished two and the third is coming along slowly.

Here are a couple of pictures of two of them..

 Teddy helping... This is a lovely vintage fabric my Mum gave me a few metres of.
I got this fabric from Lincraft. I made the skirt pattern based loosely off one I found on Elle Apparel. At the moment it is really long (mid calf) so I will take it up so it's above the knee. It has pleats and a zip!

I will most likely finish the projects by the end of the week, so I will put up some better pictures.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy 5 years...

Dear S, 


and now..

Happy 5 years.. Love you!

March Photo a day..Day two, three, four and five

I am so behind in March photo a day, but here is day two, three, four and five!

Day two - fruit

 Day three - Your Neighbourhood

Day four - Bedside 

Day five - Smile
Me, when I was 4.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Photo a Day - Day one


A-Z about me

I got this quiz from Simone at Honey and Fizz

A. Age:
B. Bed size
Queen size
C. Chore that you hate:
Same as Simone! Folding the washing and putting it away
D. Dogs:
Teddy, our little Schnauzer...such a cute boy!
E. Essential start to your day:
A coffee
F. Favorite color:
G. Gold or Silver:
A bit of both
H. Height:
I. Instruments you play:
Does the piano app on my Iphone count? Haha, none.
J. Job title:
Admin, student
K. Kids:
L. Live:
Inner West, Sydney
M. Mother’s name:
N. Nicknames:
 Rhi, Poppet...and Dobby. My little brother nicknamed me Dobby (the house elf) when I lived at home because I used to help with chores..
O. Overnight hospital stays:
 When I broke my arm when I was 7
P. Pet peeves:
 Umm..not much annoys me really. Oh, people stopping in the middle of a a busy walkway - keep walking or move to the side!
Q. Quote from a movie:
I never remember quotes
R. Right or left handed:
S. Siblings: 5 brothers. I am second child.
T. Time you wake up:
U. Underwear:
Nice ones?
V. Vegetable you hate:
I like most vegetables.. none really come to mind
W. What makes you run late:
Sydney traffic
X. X-Rays you’ve had:
Broken arm
Y. Yummy food that you make:
Sugar free banana bread, Sticky Date pudding, Chicken Kievs
Z. Zoo animal:
I love the lions and tigers.

Play along if you would like...