Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 31 - A vivid memory

Day 31 - A vivid memory

Way back when I was about 10 and my older brother, J was 12 our family went on a camping trip (that ended up being a caravan/cabin trip) down to the South Coast. The place we were staying was on a beautiful river and so every day the family would head down to swim and laze about.

There was also a campsite near the river and quite a few families were staying there as it was in the height of summer. J and I decided to go for a wander through the campsites to see if we could find anyone our age and on our little walk we came across an unattended tent that had a huge box of grapes outside. Being the naughty little children we were, we decided to grab a handful and scoff them down before our parents noticed. That was a great idea until we saw Mum coming towards us, trying to see where we had gotten to.

After frantically chewing my grapes, Mum got closer and realised I was chewing and asked to see what was in my mouth. I swallowed and said ‘oh nothing’. She noticed the box of grapes sitting there and asked if we had taken the persons grapes and we both said ‘no, of course not’. Sensing we were both lying, Mum asked again what was in our mouths and clever little me decided to tell her I had rocks covered in grass in my mouth. Haha!I can’t remember what happened after that. I am sure we both got told off.

Now that I am much older, I don’t know how my Mum kept a straight face when I came up with my seemingly ‘foolproof’ excuse.

The things kids come up with!

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