Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sweet friends

K's boyfriend is currently away with the Army. T and I undertaking Operation keep K busy and we've been thinking of things to do on weekends to keep her busy and also so we can all catch up.

We went down to Bulli for a picnic on Saturday. The weather was windy and cold and we lasted 5 minutes, literally. Off to a restaurant we went for lunch, at 11:30am. Lucky they open early!

We sat outside, since the undercover area was quite closed in. There was also one of those big gas heaters, which I promptly turned off by moving it. Lucky the staff were understanding and came to light it again for me.

The name of the restaurant/pub was Scarborough Hotel. The set up was fantastic. You could choose from indoor seating, outdoor undercover or out in the open overlooking the water. If there was no wind, the day would have been picture perfect.

T had caesar salad, K had a Roast pumpkin salad and I had a Thai Beef salad. All great options.

We then ventured in to Thirroul where we found a few cute little home wares/gifts shops.

Such a lovely day, with beautiful friends.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fun at the pub

Have you ever decided to get dressed up to go and eat at a not-so-fancy place? 

Friday night, I went to work drinks and when I got home I was starving. S's younger sister, D was staying over, so we decided to head to the pub. I had just bought new boots and a new floppy winter hat and D told me to wear my new heeled boots with my big floppy that I did.

We also took my iPop phone..clearly having an interesting conversation here.

A trip to the pub is not complete without a cider. Fact.

When we got home, we played with the colour selection mode of the SLR to take some photos. D is a great model for this, since her hair is so radiant!

The only colour in this picture is D's hair and skin, pretty cool!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Flashback Tuesday

S will be using my macbook until Wednesday, so I took the opportunity to jump on his old dinosaur laptop to have a look at all of the old photos we have on here.

Here are some for your viewing pleasure.

My youngest brother - Jack, and I. I was 18 and he was 9.
S and I in Canberra just before I moved down there. I'm 18 and he is 20

Teddy on the moon - 2008

Teddy at 10 weeks
Sailing 2011

Off to the races - 2011
Ted needed a bath..he only fits in the laundry sink. The red on my shoulders is from his paws digging in

House Party - 2010

On the way to Canberra - 2011

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday, my favourite

I have to apologise for my absence this week. S has his final exams next week and has been using my laptop. His is on it's way out so he is using mine because it actually opens documents without having a hissy fit.

Here is my life in iPhone pictures from the last week.


From left to right, top to bottom
1.    Teddy looking over the street
2.    Le Pain Quotidian for an evening coffee
3.    Jaffa tart from Becasse Bakery
4.    An Opera (?) slice from Becasse Bakery
5.    Teddy insisted on sitting on my lap while I pinned a dress
6.    A rainbow after some showers
7.    A cute old car I saw when at the shops
8.    A banana self saucing cake a neighbour baked for us
9.    Ted looking for possums
10. Sake and Asahi Beer at Tomodachi in Glebe
11. Gyoza, yum!
12. Chicken Okonomiyaki

I have a super busy weekend coming up, how about you?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh, Happy Days

Dear Friday, Thank you for being here. You have and always will continue to be my favourite day of the week. I hope we remain friends forever (BFF's)

Dear Uni, our relationship starts again in two weeks. It's love, hate and I can't wait to be finished with you. In the mean time, please treat me nicely. Nothing too hard, ok?

Dear S, Thanks for being you. Thanks for letting me get Schnitzel for dinner when neither of us felt like cooking. Thanks for letting me get another dog (ok, he hasn't said yes but I'm working on it)..and thank you for being a great boy friend.

Dear Teddy, oh man you are so cute. Thanks for waking S up in the mornings for walk time and not me. You my dear dog, know that this lady likes to sleep in.

Dear work IT guys, THANK YOU for my new computer. Now I don't have to wait 5 times a day for my computer to finish its hissy fit.

Happy Friday all! I hope you all have nice weekends planned.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flaunt your cause - Down Syndrome NSW

Today I am linking up with the Flaunt your Cause link up, hosted by Emily and Lindsay.

I am really happy to be part of this as there are so many great causes out there.

OK, so let me start by saying there is no one charity I donate money to regularly. I am the type of person that donates to many charities when I can. My workplace does charity collections every second Friday and I always donate there. There are so many good causes out there, that I can’t just pick on. Most are worthy.

The place I volunteer for isn’t a charity as such. I volunteer for Down Syndrome NSW. There is a group called the UP! Club which is a group for those aged 17-40 to meet in a social setting.

I had been wanting to volunteer for a long time, but I was never sure where. I have a family friend who has a son with Down Syndrome so I looked in to Down Syndrome NSW to see if there was any volunteering I could do. I came across the UP! Club and thought it had great values and was a really great group for people who might not be able to see their friends in a social setting like this.
The UP! Club activities range from bowling, the cinema, going to the pub, karaoke, museums etc. It is a time for friends to get together to hang out and have fun. Us volunteers are there to assist and make sure everyone enjoys themselves.

My role as a volunteer is to go along and have fun. I am not there to tell people what to do, I am merely there as a point of contact and to make sure I can help if anyone needs assistance and to make friends and have fun. The last activity I went to, I had a blast and met many new people.

I apologise for the lack of pictures in this post, but due to privacy I can't put pictures up of other people.
Flaunt Your Cause

Monday, May 14, 2012

Being sick... not so bad when you have this little guy to keep you company..

 and plenty of sunshine to sit and eat lunch in..