Friday, August 30, 2013

Corelli's Newtown - Review

Even though I’ve lived in the area for over three years, I only just went to Corelli’s for the first time two weeks ago. For some reason I always thought it was cash only and I never carry cash, so I guess that’s why I never went.

I was surprised with the options on the menu. At 7pm at night, I could order breakfast, 
lunch or dinner. That is a winner right there. I could get waffles at 7pm if I wanted to.

Last night, I went with S, his sister and her boyfriend. Between us, we ordered a coffee each and two plates of chicken nachos which were $12.90 each. The nachos are huge, so a serving each would have been ridiculous. We had planned to have cake afterwards, but we honestly couldn’t fit it. That’s how huge the servings are. The food is really good; fresh produce and plenty of toppings.

I noticed they served Vittoria brand coffee (which I generally don’t like), so I was hesitant ordering a coffee. I was however, pleasantly surprised at just how good it was – signs of a great barista. The tiny teddy on the side was a nice touch too.

The service was fast and friendly – though I have read reviews of others receiving bad service.  Perhaps we just got lucky.

I will admit, the café is nothing overly special. The décor is a little old and tired, but the food is cheap and it comes out fast. On face value, I don’t think you can expect that much from Corelli’s and maybe that is why I have such a positive review. It doesn’t look like much, but it does deliver.

If you are ever looking for a quick cheap bite then you can’t really go past Corelli’s.
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Monday, August 26, 2013

Cauliflower Pizza - Recipe

This is a recipe of a meal I make at least once a week. It is easy, delicious and healthy. It take about an hour to make, so is probably best to make on the weekend or when you have time to spare. It is gluten free - so good if you are gluten intolerant or just eating less carbs.

4 tablespoons almond meal
1 whole cauliflower (medium size)
2 eggs. 
1. Preheat your oven to about 200 degrees celcius. This could vary from oven to oven - mine is about 100 years old (Maybe more like 50) and is the type that has the flame at the back, so who knows if 200 degrees actually means 200 degrees.
2. Chop the cauliflower up roughly and either zap it in the microwave for a few minutes or steam it. I don't have a microwave, so I steam it. I have read that you don't need to add water but I am sure you can figure that out. I steam mine until it is about 80% cooked.
3. Whiz the cauliflower until you have a fine consistency. You can also mash the cauliflower which is what I used to do before I remembered I had a whizzer in the cupboard.
4. Wrap the cauliflower in a tea towel and squeeze out about 80-90% of the water. You should almost get about a cup of water, so make sure you squeeze it well. If the cauliflower is too watery, it won't stay together properly and you will have a floppy base.
5. Put the cauliflower in a mixing bowel and mix in the almond meal and eggs. Mix together.
6. Get 2 baking trays and line with baking paper (DON'T use foil, the base sticks and you will have a fun time removing that from your dinner). 
7. Divide the 'dough' in two and create a base on each of the trays. 
8. Sprinkle with herbs if you so please.
9. Stick in the oven and bake until it is golden on top. This is supposed to take about 15 minutes, but seems to take about half an hour in my ancient oven.
10. Pull out the bases, top with goodies and lots of cheese and put back in the oven to bake until your cheese is melted.
11. Enjoy!

Monday, August 5, 2013

I'll never make it as a fashion blogger

Trying cafes in different areas is a favourite past time of mine. A couple of weeks ago we tried out Bread and Circus in Alexandria. It was average, really. The foods are interesting with a really healthy approach to the meals. The service - slow! 
Scrambled eggs and other stuff
We ordered food and coffee, as you do. The food came and naturally we asked where the coffees were.  After being assured they were on their way we kept eating... meals finished and we asked about the coffees again. The lady quite rudely told us they were on their way...only to come back 2 minutes later with her tail between her leg telling us they'd forgotten about them. Almost 10 minutes later, we looked over and there was no-one at the coffee machine so we told them not to worry, paid for the food and left. 
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We went driving around town and stopped off at Chippendale for a coffee. The cafe choices aren't all that great, but the little lane-way we found was fun to take photos in. As per my title to this post, I'll never make it as a fashion blogger. I can't pose for the life of me (I do like the outfit though - pinterest inspired..not bad for someone who is unfashionable!) 
Look at the camera, Rhiannon
What's with that hand?

S's sister on the other hand - she's smokin' hot!

There was a cool little vintage store in Chippendale that made our morning out not so bad. I tried on some leather shorts and thought they looked pretty cool. Then I remembered summer + leather would probably not be so cool. Literally.

What have you all been up to? I don't think I'll be blogging too regularly for awhile, as I just officially started my job today and life is hec-tic!