Thursday, June 9, 2011


I love Sales... at the moment DJ's and Myer have their clearance sales.

I have gotten new shoes, a new pair of jeans and a new top for $190..which is a saving of about $200!!

S and I have decided to buy some Ralph Lauren bedding and towels online. We did a rough costing today and all up for a sheet set, quilt cover and 4 towels it will cost $200 (not including postage). In Australia the towels are $99.95 each, so we are saving a lot of money!

We are getting -

This quilt cover... very old fashioned, but I love it!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


On the weekend, we celebrated S's Mum's 50th birthday. S's family own a farm which is where the party was held. Caterer's were hired to come in (that had a 2 hat rating) and overall the night was just perfect.

The amazing food

My dog Teddy and I...he was pretty tired
Every good party needs balloons
Table settings

We didn't end up going to bed until 4am..definitely the best party this year!

Number one..

I used to be on the blog bandwagon, but after three posts I pretty much forgot about it..that is until my addiction to Vogue forums started. Clicking on random people's blogs and reading about all these different people has inspired me to again start a blog.

A bit about me...
My name is Rhiannon. I live in the Inner West of Sydney with my parter S and our little schnauzer Teddy. I work full time and do uni by correspondence (exciting, I know :-S).

I think through my blog posts you will get to know me more, so I will keep it short for now!