The 2014 list

Not one to make New Years resolutions and actually stick to them, I decided to write of achievable goals instead to get me started.
1.    Run at least 300km (average of 5.7km per week)

2.    Read 20 books - follow me on goodreads - 

3.    Sew a new work wardrobe (more on this to come)

4.    Take a photography course or class

5.    Master shooting in manual mode (and focusing) on the DSLR

6.    Start a series (and stick to it) on my blog of photo-taking. Purely so I can get better at it

7.    Go on a hike in the Royal National Park

8.    Go to Bundeena and paddle board  see here

9.    Create a skin care regime and stick to it

10. Have two spend free months (clothes, makeup etc) - Not documented but did do it.

11. Visit K in Brisbane (more than once)

12. Blog at least twice a week  - Fell off the band wagon a couple of times, but blogged more consistently in 2014.

13. Go camping

14. Have people over for dinner at least 6 times (I am terrible at organising) - We've had people over almost once a week. I call that a win.

15. Take a sewing class

16. Sew a garment for someone else

17. Sew cushions for my lounge room

18. Turn 25 ;-)

19. Volunteer as often as possible

20. Have a girls weekend away  - Went on a girls trip to Bali

21. Travel overseas - New Zealand and Bali

22. Create a coffee table book with old photos

23. Cook fish - Just made it and cooked fish in the last week of December!

24. Go to a theme park

25. Walk with Ted and S in the mornings more often

I will stick with 25 since I turn 25 this year. If I think of more as they year goes by, I will add more.

What are your 2014 goals?


  1. To read your blog every week and ensure that goal #25 is honored ;)

  2. I mean #12, well we can go with both ;)

    1. Haha, can't believe you found the blog.