Friday, May 17, 2013

Something difficult about your lot in life

Day 16, Thursday: Something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it

A little late, but I was writing a report for Uni and I think that was a bit more important. I have also skipped Day 15 - A day in my life, but I will come back to that (I was at a funeral that day and that’s not a great thing to show photos of).

I have had a great life. I have parents who have raised my brothers and I well and who have sacrificed a lot to enable us to have the things we want and need. We may not have had everything, but we never went without.

I actually struggle to answer this question, as even though life can be hard at times I feel like I have always come through any problems a better person and so I can’t see that as something that is difficult about my lot in life.

Perhaps in the future I will be faced with heartache, loss and hurdles. Perhaps this will be the difficulty in my ‘lot’. Perhaps I just don’t know difficulty yet.

I always strive and work towards living a really rich life. We are not guaranteed this life and we are not guaranteed the future. So in the mean time, while my ‘lot’ is going well, I will continue to do things that I love and that will make my life rich. Things that I can turn back on and remember in a fond way. Experiences that will make up who I am as a person.


  1. Well written hun! I've had a good life too, with a good upbringing. I wouldn't say I have suffered or really faced any difficulties.