Thursday, September 8, 2011

Teddy's haircut

Blurry pic...but Teddy got his haircut on Saturday so I guess you can see the difference to what he looked like in the previous post.

The groomers we go to have changed management and the new people hurt my poor boy really badly! They pluck the dogs ear hairs and they went a little too far. He is still recovering and it is Thursday!

Have a great week everyone! I am off to NZ on Sunday.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shaggy Dog...

Poor Teddy hasn't been groomed since before Winter. We thought it best to leave his hair so he wouldn't be too cold..especially considering he hates his jackets we bought him. He looks like this at the moment...

Lucky he is booked in to the groomers on Saturday. I think it will be a welcome change for him because it is starting to get a lot warmer in Sydney! I will update with a pic once he is home from the groomer.


There is a blog I follow called Talk2thetrees and the owner, Rachael is an incredibly talented artist. She sells her paintings on etsy and announced not long ago that she would be making necklaces and using some of the paintings she had created.. I just love her work and so I went ahead and bought a necklace which arrived yesterday.

It is so lovely! I wore it today (to my last exam for the session, woohoo!) and I plan to wear it again tomorrow. It is so different and unique and didn't cost much either!