Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Day 7, Tuesday: The thing(s) you're most afraid of

Fox Glacier - 2011
We all fear something. The dark, heights, death, being hurt, insects, animals etc.

I fear a lot of things. I am a natural worrier. I fear my loved ones being hurt, I fear bad things happening to them. I am afraid of the dark, I am afraid of spiders (of all sizes).

One of the biggest things I fear in life is not taking the right path. I want to excel in my career, I want to travel and seek adventure. I want to have a family and be a Mother. I want to be a good Partner (someday, wife) to S. I want to be happy and I want to always better myself. I want to learn new things and experience new cultures. I want to have a good education.

When I think about all of the paths I have been faced with in life, I know they have been the right ones. But at the back of my mind I wonder what if they were the wrong ones? I fear what could have happened. What could happen.

Then I remember that our life is a journey with turns, dead ends, straight roads....and I push that fear to the back of my mind.

What do you fear?


  1. I think life can turn out beautifully on many different paths for one person. It's all a matter of choices and doing what is right for you. Since you feel in your gut that you've made the right choices for you, I'd say you're headed in the right direction, for sure!

    1. I know it will all turn out well in the long run (hopefully).

  2. Those are all very realistic fears, but it sounds like you're doing a really good job conquering them!