Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Whilst trick or treating is not huge in Australia, we did get some little people come on by with their sweet little voices singing out 'Trick or Treat'.

There is no way I can resist the little people in their carefully chosen costumes, especially when we got forewarning in the form of a little note in the letterbox days before that read 'BEWARE, Halloween is approaching and our little ones will be knocking'.

In the spirit of all things dress up, D (Steve's sister) and I decided we would adorn the best throw together costume we could. I already had a Teenage Ninja Turtles shirt from a couple of years back and D opted to dress as a 'bloke'. 
Photobucket Photobucket 
After the second and last group of kiddies came through, D and I were left wondering who else we could show our costumes too. It was then I received a text to say he was on his way home and would be at the bus stop in half an hour. So, down to the bus stop we went.
Photobucket Photobucket
D played the part of a bloke well. Each female we passed, D would say things like 'Hey Babe, you're hot' or 'Gee, you're lookin' fine tonight aren't ya'. Somewhat of a 'bogan' bloke.

Steve took one look at us and burst out laughing. 

I guess at 23 years of age I don't need to trick or treat to have fun. Putting on a costume is sometimes enough.


  1. Bahahaaa!! You guys killed it!

    D needs a medal.