Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spanish Night

Rosebud in Rozelle hosted a Spanish Night on Saturday night which myself and some friends went to.
We originally heard about the night when we were there 2 weeks earlier eating breakfast and noticed a pamphlet that had been strategically been placed on all of the tables. Clever marketing; it worked.

The first course was a plate of tapas to share. It consisted of prawns, anchovies on toast, baked potato and little meatballs (I don't have the correct names of each tapas as they weren't given).
I got a picture after most had been eaten..
That course was followed by the most delicious (and only) plate of Paella I have ever tasted. I am not one for seafood, but even my plate was finished clean. I'm not sure if all Paella has these ingredients, but it consisted of prawns, mussels, peas, chicken and I think squid.
The best course - dessert, was Churros with melted chocolate. These were ok. I tend to think Churros taste like deep fried donuts and I am not a huge donut fan.
Like any great meal, ours was accompanied with alcohol. Sangria for the girls and Corona's for the boys.
Rosebud did really well with this night. At only $39 per person, the cost was reasonable. The service was great and the atmosphere was vibrant.
White shirt = the need for a bib
Spanish shots!


  1. I love the first pic, you two look great together :-)

    Spanish night looks like fun, I love paella. Agree on the churros thing too, too greasy for me. I do like the dipping pots most come with though!

  2. I love your photography skills! very well done and keep up the good work:)
    Found you on the blog hop.