Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spring Sundays

I know it's Wednesday. Better late than never, right?

Since S and I are heading overseas for Christmas, we have been trying to stay in more. This means eating out less, going out for drinks less and just spending more time around the house.

Sunday is usually the day we spend doing study. Generally, study is pretty boring so we find ways to break up the day and this more often then not involves a walk with the dog and a cooked lunch (sometimes lunch out).
For some reason, S thinks bacon and pancakes/french toast go together. I beg to differ.

This past Sunday, I really felt like french toast. So, french toast it was. We decided we would try and make it with brioche. 

Best french toast ever! Brioche makes a fantastic french toast.

No weekend is complete without some lollies.
During our walk, I stopped to try and find some four leafed clovers. Whilst bending down, I noticed S was snapping photos of me. Later as we were uploading them to the laptop, he asked me why I had bent down to pick up rubbish. Um, ok.

How was your weekend? 
What do you do to save money?


  1. Fun Sunday! We definitely try to stay home and not eat out often to save money, too :D

  2. I like that Sunday Study day. I should use it to write. I always take lunch and snacks to work. And I have a little envelope in which I put 'cafe' money into. A set amount every week and when it's done, that's it no trips to the cafe. It's so easy to fork out $5 on a latte every day - it really adds up...

  3. I don't think bacon goes with pancakes OR french toast! I don't like to mix my sweet and savory stuff together.

    But next time I make french toast, I'm definitely going to try brioche! I've never thought of that.