Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bill Henson Exhibition

Bill Henson has gotten a lot of media attention for his somewhat ‘controversial’ photography style. A lot of people find him to be perverted because he uses teenagers in his shots.
Personally, I find him to be an incredible photographer. The way he captures a person is artistic and in no way perverted. He is respectful of his subjects and does not photograph them in a way to ‘sexualise’ them. What a lot of people don’t know (or choose to ignore) is the fact that each subject has been given parental consent to be photographed. Bill Henson never has to put the call out for models, they come to him.

This past weekend, Steve and I went to see the Bill Henson exhibition at the Roslyn Oxley Gallery in Paddington. There were about 14 photographs presented on canvas on display. There is something about seeing art in its true form, rather than on a computer screen. Seeing the canvases on the wall really brings a picture to life and little details that were previously missed are picked up.

We were in and out of the gallery within about 20 minutes. There is only so long you can look at art for, especially when there are only 14 pictures to look at.

Have you seen any of Bill Henson’s work?

Do you find it to be controversial?


  1. This is the first time I'm hearing of him but I must say, there is something a little sexual about the picture you posted!

    However, I don't think he's a pervert especially if the girl's parents consent and he doesn't go out looking for the models..

    It's a really, really beautiful though. I'm off to Google some more of his work!

  2. I haven't seen his work before now, but he definitely showcases beauty.