Thursday, October 11, 2012

Let's have coffee

A coffee date, if you will. 

If you came to my house for coffee, I would make you a nice hot flat white (or whatever you chose). 

I would tell you that Steve and I are both excited that Japan is coming up. That we have 13 days of uninterrupted time together. We get to ski again, sight see, taste new food and buy new clothes.

I would tell you that we have our name down for a second pup and are looking to get a little girl in January/February.

If you came to my house for coffee, I would tell you that I am getting used to being home alone most evenings while Steve works late. I thank my stars that he isn't working until 12am/1am like some of the other students in his Post Grad course.

I would tell you that I am getting through Uni and can't wait to finish, but that I am scared of the end and which way my career will turn.

If you came to my house for coffee I would tell you that I have a Nephew due at the end of November and that already I love him so much. I can't wait until that precious bundle of baby is born.

I would tell you his baby shower was beautiful and a lovely celebration for a little baby that will be a huge part of my life. I saw him on the ultrasound and was so close to tears. Chubby cheeks, double chin. Beautiful.

I would tell you that Steve's little Sister has been staying over lately and making my nights interesting. I would tell you that we have a lot of fun together and danced for an hour for exercise.

If you came over, I would ask how you were going and what is happening in your life. 

It's been nice, I hope you come again soon.

Post idea by the lovely Casey Wiegand


  1. What an awesome post! Japan? How exciting!

  2. 13 days in Japan..that is SO cool. Can't wait to see the recap post on that trip.

    I like having time alone every weeknight before my hubby comes home. It gives me alot of time to unwind and kinda do my own thing without interruptions. It's very nice.

    Being an auntie is one of the greatest gifts in life.