Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Team Building

Team Building days at work are always interesting. Generally, I find that most people are happy to chit-chat on the day, but come Monday they are back to their old selves. Sitting at their desks with their heads down; not engaging with anyone around them.

Friday was our annual team building day which was held at Middle Harbour Yacht Club.

 The morning was spent doing the usual team building games (working together with instructions, trivia etc) and the afternoon was spent with the group split between 4 yachts racing around the harbour.

The best part of the day was by far the sailing. Since I have sailed before, I was nominated as an ‘experienced sailor’ (I beg to differ. An overnight sailing course does not make one experienced). On the yacht, there were 9 of us, plus a skipper and deck hand. I spent most of the time winching in sails (pulling ropes) and the skipper allowed me to be helmsman (drive the yacht) at the end of the race.

Serious face
Everyone participated at least a bit during the afternoon, which made for great team building. They were all willing to put in a bit of help to enable us to come a close second at the end of the races.

The sailing was followed by a dinner at Encasa Spanish Tapas restaurant. The food was amazing and I spent my time talking to a few people who I hadn’t really spoken to before. After telling Steve at least every hour that I would be leaving soon (he was going to pick me up), I finally walked out of the restaurant at 11:30pm.

Have you ever had a team building day with work?
Do you think it changes the way people interact when they are back at work?

*There are only photos with me in them, since I don't have permission to post other people's pictures. The pictures aren't very good quality because I used my small camera


  1. I would KILL for a team building day at my job. I think it would do a lot of good.

  2. I wish my job had done team building! That sounds like so much fun!

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