Monday, September 30, 2013

To cure your boredom

Happy Monday friends.
I have seen series like this around on a few blog and really love them, so I decided to start my own. I don’t promise to post it every week, though. Feel free to waste as much time on the internet as I do.

This article was posted in the New York Times. A lady who is 124 sandwiches away from an engagement ring from the man of her dreams. Interesting...

- I need new cushions for my home and since most people love to look at cushions, I would recommend checking out this site.

- I don't live in Brisbane, but this is the shop (The Happy Cabin) of someone I know. It has a great collection of cute things. They do online shopping now too.

- An artists impression of the modern day Disney Princesses. This is really cool.

- A horror film that was filmed inside Disneyland without permission. I am a sucker for scary films. The scarier the better. Here is the promo video.
- This video is hilarious. I'm sure if you have children you can relate to this.

- This video really makes you think. It's ten minutes long, but well worth the watch. I would love you hear your thoughts on this one!

Not a very long list, but enough to keep you procrastinating for a little bit at least.

Have a great day!

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  1. Those cushions are just gorgeous! Can't get over just how many designs there are.