Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Birthdays all 'round

My youngest brother, Jack turned 16 on the weekend. I know, when did THAT happen? I moved out of home when he was a little 11 year old and barely in high school and now he is a teenager that resembles Justin Bieber. My parents hosted a family party for him on Saturday with the theme being Coca Cola. 
If there is one thing this kid loves, it’s a coke.
When I got there (after my 1.5 hour drive to woop woop), Mum had already set up all the tables and decorations and Dad was hiding in the man-cave so he didn’t have to help. I kid, he was cutting out props for the photo booth (and taking his sweet time so he wouldn’t have to do anything else). My Mum knows how to put her husband to good use.
and we know how to put a photo booth to good use
I walked through the front door and could hear my Mum talking away (to anyone/thing that will listen) and there was not another person to be seen. I thought they might all be out, but no. They are teenagers; they were playing their playstations/Xboxes in their rooms (der), with the doors closed. I went in to Jack’s room to give him his gift and the room was pitch black. Curtains closed and no lights on…optimal conditions for a game on the Xbox. I would show you the perfectly wrapped gift, except it was not perfectly wrapped. It was put in a country road bag without even a bag. I know, I fail.
The outfit I bought him

Mum loves a good party and any excuse to cook for the herd is a good one. We had a nibblies spread, followed by a nachos buffet and then the best course – a dessert buffet. I was so hyped on sugar by the end of the night that I went home and promptly sugar crashed in front of the television. Poor S; no conversation for you! (He couldn’t come to the party as he had an exam today he had to study for).
Part of the dessert buffet
On Sunday, my sweet little puppy turned 5 years old. Lucky for me, he is not a human and did not demand my undivided attention all day because I had to do Uni work for most of the day. I did take him on a couple of walks though and rubbed his belly and told him he is special so he was happy with that.

In other news, I went to the Vogue fashion night in the city on Thursday night with S’s sister. I remember going a couple of years ago and being wowed by all the discounts. I think we even picked up a pair of jeans for free, though that was because the sales attendant was busy talking when scanning rather than the actual sale. This year, not so good. Too many people and I wasn’t really in to it. The highlight of my night was trying on this Zimmerman skirt and declaring my undying love for it. This thing will be in my hands soon enough (I hope). I was told shops still do lay-by so I think I'll pop in to the store soon.


  1. Brilliant themed party! Giving me ideas for Mr.HEA's thirtieth surprise. He is a huge coke fan too!

    Anyhow, I share your sentiments about VFNO. Too many people and not enough deals!

  2. What a lovely family you have Rhi.. and Coca Cola is the best theme ever. I'm so addicted to it =x Love the pics x