Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Enjoy your fabric!

Usually when I am buying fabric for my sewing adventures, I head over to Lincraft as it is in a good walking distance to work. Since their selection is no good, the shop is chaos and I walk out frustrated every time, I decided that I needed to turn my attention to some of the better fabric stores in Sydney. I have not sewn since probably six months ago because I just couldn’t find any fabric I loved at Lincraft and also because I have been really busy with Uni and work.

I went to The Fabric Store which is located in Surry Hills, Sydney. The Fabric Store gets a lot of rolls of fabric from designers that have used it for past seasons. The store is in a warehouse type setting and is clean, tidy and organised. S’s sister is a little fabric maven so she came along for the adventure to help me choose what I needed.
I bought this pattern recently and I’ve seen some great pictures of shorts people have made using it so I was inspired to make one or ten pairs for Summer. I bought a great greeny DKNY fabric that is 100% cotton for my first make of the shorts. The fabric was $18 a metre and I’ll only need a metre for these shorts, so when you consider the quality of the fabric $18 is not too much at all.
I bought this pattern for a blouse a long time ago and made a practice blouse in some awful royal blue with small dot fabric. Who knows what I was thinking when I bought that fabric as it is the stiffest, ugliest fabric out. Anyway, it’s good that I had it on hand, as I used it for my practice blouse and worked out that I needed much more relaxed fabric and that I need to sort out the neckline the next time I make the blouse if I want to be able to breathe.
I bought a lovely 100% silk Lisa Ho fabric for the task. I bought 2 metres of this, so hopefully there is some left for a skirt or maybe even some shorts. The fabric was $24 a metre and seriously, at $24 for a silk blouse why doesn’t everyone make their clothes? Just kidding. But in all seriousness, $24 is a steal for such quality material, so I better not stuff this up!
The staff at The Fabric Store are really knowledgeable and the service is great. They are happy to wander around with you and give you advice and they even smile! You don’t get smiles at Lincraft, only sighs and frowns. 

The Fabric Store//21 Cooper Street, Surry Hills


  1. Aww you guys are so cute in the pic lol! You are so smart to be able to sew. I don't go near a sewing kit even; I'm just not good with my hands or craft work.

    1. Thanks, Mandy! I am still learning, but I do love it!

  2. I HATE LINCRAFT!!!! HATE. There is just no fabric worth buying there unless you are making a dress up costume to attend a party of someone you don't like that much!!! I leave annoyed all the time, same goes for officeworks. This place sounds good. I haven't been before. Have you been to tessutis? I've been there loads of times (Expensive though)