Sunday, September 22, 2013

A new name

I never liked the name 'Vanilla Bliss' for this blog. I chose it one night when I was sitting on the couch with S. I had decided to create a blog and sat there playing with words. For some reason, I came up with Vanilla Bliss. At the time, it was ok...then as time went on I disliked it more and more. I was embarrassed to tell people I blogged because of the name. 

Ebb and Flow means to decrease and then increase; as with tides. The term is often used metaphorically and I feel like it describes my blog and the way I blog, well. I have always liked the saying and thought it fit this little space . 

I decided that updating the name would also call for a new blog design, so I jumped on etsy to see what I could find. If you are ever in the market for a new blog design, etsy is a great place to look. Many talented people on there that even have pre-designed blog designs so all you need to do is upload it.

Hopefully with a new name and design, I will be motivated to blog more often. I was quite busy this weekend and have a few posts coming up this week with the happenings around here; including a couple of cafe/restaurant reviews.

I hope you like it!


  1. Well hi there new you! Look forward to the upcoming posts! (I hate lasscreative!!! Lol) I'll get onto to changing it to NeoReverie and redirecting it one day.

    1. I like lasscreative! Elsee is lovely too.

  2. I like both Vanilla Bliss and Ebb and Flow :) I understand what you mean about the name though. I started my blog as a full beauty & make up blog but along the way, I couldn't help myself and I started blogging about personal stuff.. kids, marriage, family etc. Now it's a whole mish mash and the blog name doesn't really suit anymore but then I don't really want to change it since I have synced all user names on social media etc. Oh well..!

  3. I look the new look and the name Rhi! Vanilla bliss is a different angle but blog directions do change.