Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A mini holiday

We were well overdue for a little family holiday, so I jumped on stayz last week and booked a house down in Culburra Beach for S, Teddy and I. Ted is a huge fan of the beach and loved every minute of having the wide open space to run around in and the water to swim in. 

We chose a house that was close to the beach, took some drinks and cooked a couple of BBQ's and had a really relaxing time together. Culburra Beach is about 2.5 hours from Sydney, though it took about 4 hours as there was a bit of holiday traffic and we stopped in Berry for lunch. The beach itself is dog friendly at all times, so it is perfect for a holiday with the pup. Ted was happy to see dogs the whole way along the beach.

Taken by S at sunrise
Taken by S at sunset
 How did you spend your long weekend?


  1. Those beach photos are stunning! I love Culburra, I used to go there for family holidays when I was younger haha. Teddy looks right at home on the sand!
    Looks like a perfect little getaway.

    1. Thanks love! It's a great beach. Not too busy!

  2. Oh wow I agree, those pics of the beach are breathtaking! Your technique is awesome!

    1. Oops, I should have stated S took those bottom 2 pictures. One at sunrise and the other at sunset.

      Thanks for the compliments though, I'll pass them on