Thursday, September 26, 2013

Baxter Inn - Review

I, like many other Sydney-siders have heard of or been to The Baxter Inn. Baxter's is located down a somewhat dark and run down walk way, hidden behind office buildings through a tunnel. Sound confusing? It is. The first time I went to Baxter's I stood around on Clarence Street looking for signs of this cool bar I'd heard of, until someone also going through offered to show me the way. Now I am the one showing people how to get in as they mill around on the street looking for the same entrance I once did.

The place opens at 4pm and getting there any time after about 4:30pm means you might have a short wait outside as there is a limit to how many people are allowed in at once. For good reason too. Too many people and the place feels pretty small which is not helped by the underground location (no windows).
There is a lot of whiskey available at the bar; being mainly a whiskey bar and the whiskey + (fresh) apple juice is a real favourite. The bar staff dress like they are working in the 1920's adding to the really fun atmosphere of the place.  The decor is well thought out and really gives you the feel of what it would have been like to go to a bar many years ago. No area was spared in the interior design of the bar with the bathrooms also having been done up. The wood panelling bathrooms are dark and a little dingy, but cool anyway. 
S and I decided to pop by Baxter's on the weekend after shopping in the city. We were the first people in there and had time to speak with the bar staff to get a recommendation of the best drink to choose. We went with Old old favourite of both of ours. I love the addition of a bowl of pretzels, though once I start eating them I can't stop!
I know underground bars are not for everyone, especially when you have to line up 90% of the time, but this is a favourite of ours and we often go for a little drink after work. 

How to get to Baxter Inn
Baxter Inn // 152 - 156 Clarence Street, Sydney.
- Head to Clarence Street and walk to 152-154. 
- You will see a tunnel that looks like a drive way down to an alley - walk down there. 
- Turn right and Baxter is at the end on the right. There will either be a line of people waiting to get in, otherwise it is down a concrete set of stairs. 
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  1. Pity im not from sydney, but those cocktails look darn good! x

    1. You will have to try it when you come up to Sydney. I can take you :-)

  2. Mr HEA and I love this place due to the extensive Whiskey list. The service was impeccable each time we visited and the bar staff remembered what we had ordered making re-ordering the same drink very easy. I gorged on the pretzels every time we visited too!