Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weekends around here

S and I are in the midst of some busy studying both now and in the near future. This past weekend was largely spent doing work, but in my usual ways - also going out for coffee.

I get cabin fever really quickly. I can't sit at home Saturday we went for a walk with the dog up to Newtown for a look. Our good friends came over with their little 5 week old and I had baby cuddles for most of my morning. In the afternoon, I took advantage of the amazing weather and took Ted, a picnic blanket and my uni notes to the park so I could read in the sun. I was disturbed by Teddy countless times...every time he saw another dog but that did not deter and I sat there until every reading was done. A success!
This picture is here because the top is new and I love it! Also..big hair, don't care.
On Sunday S was ready to sit down and study for an upcoming exam and me for an assessment due until I decided that I couldn't waste a whole day looking out the window at the sun. I want to be IN the sun I said to S so off we went. Our usual cafes were full with people brunching with their fathers so we decided to head to Erskinville to check out what was around. 
I always drive through Erskinville but have never stopped there so was pleasantly surprised to see a cafe called 'Fleetwood Macchiato'....Fleetwood Mac..Rhiannon, get it? ha. That was the seller for us so we sat down for a coffee and a muffin. The coffee is really good there. I hear the roaster of the coffee lives in my street or close by, so maybe I need to hit them up for some beans. 
Not much else happened for the rest of the weekend around these parts apart from countless dog cuddles and some grocery shopping. I know, how very domestic of me.

How was your weekend?


  1. I still love that shirt on you.
    Your weekend sounds so lovely! Much better than mine! Dog cuddles are always a winner

    1. Haha, dog cuddles win until he walks in the dirt and puts his dirty paws on your new top :-(

  2. Ohhh I can sit at home allllllllll bloody week!! WHAT IS WITH THAT!!!! I have a fat arse and need to get moving!!!!! If i go out, I go for adventures to far away places and spend lots and lots of money, so I sit at home instead. So BAD! But I did go for a 2 hour walk yesterday. Most impressed with that.

    1. Haha, I have trained myself to not spend money every time I go out...unless it is a coffee or something.

      I am impressed too, well done!