Monday, September 24, 2012

Tourists in our own city

What do you do when the weather hits at least 25 degrees celcius on a Saturday and you have no plans? Well, you go on an adventure of course.

Steve and I are huge fans of having no plans on weekends. Nowhere we have to be on a weekend is our idea of bliss. Of course, the weekend arrives and we find ourselves pondering what to do whilst we are eating our breakfast and sipping our coffee. We always find our way though; we always find something to do.

Martin Place, Sydney
Saturday morning, we decided we would drive in to the city and park the car, walk to Circular Quay and catch a ferry to Manly. What actually happened was: drive to the city and park the car, walk to Opera Kitchen and wait ages for mediocre food, then walk 6.5km around the city back to the car, stopping to take pictures and drink coffee along the way.
Oh look, jewellery...hint hint
Successful, I say. We got our exercise in; albeit in sandals and a dress. 

We saw parts of the city we hadn't seen before (or rather, I don't remember seeing) and I probably got a tiny bit of a tan along the way too... Probably not though, since I'm white as a ghost.

 Typical tourist shot
 The ferry we might have caught...if it weren't for the 6.5km walk.

Oh coffee, how I love you so

How was your weekend?
Do you ever play tourist in your own town?

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