Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fathers Day

We celebrated Fathers Day with a nice big 3 course lunch with the family. My Grandfather had travelled the 5 hours from his home and me the 1 hour from my home to visit my parents and brothers.

It is never a boring trip to see my family. With four of my brothers still living at home, there is always someone talking, joking around or just being annoying being a sweet brother. 

My older brother and his Partner (who are expecting their first child in November) also came and it was great to have everyone under the same roof even if I couldn't hear myself think.

 Parents dog, Duke (they have another, but he doesn't stay still long enough for a proper picture)

For lunch, my Mum made a Ceaser salad for entree, Roast Chicken, Lamb and Veg for main and Cheesecake with fresh strawberries and cream for dessert. Plenty of food and all delicious!

My parents recently moved to a semi-bush area, on to what I can only describe as a mini farm and Dad asked us for a chainsaw so he could cut firewood a little easier for their cute little fireplace. So we did. He wasn't allowed to use it until we were all there to see though - on orders by my Mum.

Old barn turned shed

Doing his thing
New chickens.. bad picture. Duke wouldn't let me take a picture, he wanted to kiss me instead

I even managed to have my youngest brother, Jack, clean my car by bribing offering him money. He accepted and it was a job well done. Thanks, littlest bro!

Ask for a picture and they pull faces. Too bad you didn't know this was going on my blog Jacko.

I love stripes and green jeans!

How did you spend your Fathers Day (if you are in Australia)? 


  1. I totally wish my brothers would clean my car- but they're a tad older than yours!! I can't believe you have 4 brothers- I thought having two was pretty crazy! ha ha

    I spent my fathers day walking in the bush with my dad and having brunch with my step dad- the weather here is gorgeous at the moment, so it was lovely :)

  2. I totally have green jeans & I love to wear them with my navy and white striped shirt :)

  3. If I asked my younger brothers to clean my car, they'd be like "nope" haha. They're twenty and nineteen though so they have better things to do with their time (understandably). You have such a beautiful blog, I just stumbled upon it and I love all your photos PLUS you're a fellow Aussie which scores bonus points ;)