Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hey there, big hair

Steve and I went for an adventure in to the city on Sunday. I sported what can only be labelled as 'big hair'. Either I didn't look in the mirror before I left, or the wind was causing havoc. I choose the latter.

The reason for our adventure in to Sydney was for dessert at Meet Fresh - more on that later. Before dessert, we went in search of protesters, alas all we found were a few men dressed in traditional garments handing out pamphlets advising 'The real meaning of Jesus'. Hey dude, I went to a Catholic School from Kindergarten until Year 12 - I know who Jesus is, ok? People trying to preach to me frustrate me.

Since our protester search was uneventful, we directed our walk towards Hyde Park. The weather was sunny, but not too warm and the park attracted lots of people picnicking, sun-baking and feeding the Ibis bird (read: being harassed by Ibis birds). 

Further along in our walk, we saw a different type of protest that graced Sydney's Martin Place a good few months ago. Back then, there were tents set up and many people were participating in the Occupy Sydney movement. Now, there are just two men sitting at a table with no tents in sight. Perhaps it's time to close up guys?
Hey Rhi, look down. 

 Finally, we made it to Meet Fresh. A little Taiwanese Dessert shop. 

 Our favourite dessert - the Mango Special!

A successful day of random adventures, if you ask me.
Do you go on adventures without plans in place?

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