Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh hey, nice dress

I sewed this dress awhile ago using the Vogue pattern 1236. On the weekend when I wore it out, I thought I should get some proper pictures of me wearing it, so asked Steve to take some when we were out.

Well, I think we can all see that I will never ever be a fashion blogger. To quote Steve - 'Hey Rhi, can you be less....awkward?'. 

I love the dress though. It's really comfortable and can be worn with or without a belt. I chose a belt, since I have a waist like most women do. The pattern was really easy to sew and really only had 2 main pieces which is handy for the amateur sewers such as myself.

Perhaps impromptu is my best angle?

Earlier in the week, I was looking for Teddy in all the common places I usually find him asleep. We recently moved a wooden chest we have to the front window so that Teddy could sit on there during the day and look out on to the street. 

Guess where he was sleeping?

His little cubby house 


  1. HA. I am also not a fashion blogger. It is very uncomfortable posing in front of a camera. The easiest thing for me has been getting a tripod and a remote...then I don't have to feel weird in front of someone. Also, my husband doesn't take the most flattering pictures.

    "I took this good photo of you!"

    Uhhh.... okay.

  2. It's even worse if you attempt to pose and take the photos yourself, pulling faces at no one but the camerar :-S I feel so awkward I usually just chop my head out of outfit shots :-)

    But then, I'm not really a fashion blogger either.

    It's a lovely dress btw, I'm impressed by your skills :-)

  3. hi there rhi, love ur blog and cant wait to read more. following u from the blog hop :) im at

  4. Hello!!
    Stopping by from the "followers to friends" linkup today :)
    New follower!
    Is that a MIni-Schnauzer puppy??? <3 him!

  5. Hello :) New follower from the Followers to Friends hop! Looking forward to reading more of your blog!!


  6. Love it! I love it so much that I want to give one a go (especially if you say it is easy). I love it with the belt- goes perfectly :)

  7. That's awesome that you sewed that dress together! Super cute! The most adventurous I've gotten with sewing is putting a pillow together. ;)

    Newest follower! Found you from the blog hop!


  8. Such a pretty outfit! I LOVE your blog! It's so pretty. Am your newest follower from the blog hop! xx

  9. wow! Awesome job on the dress, it turned out really cute! and I love your pup, he looks so sweet on that box :) what a cutie.

  10. Thank you for all the comments! Some of you don't have emails attached to your profile, so I can't reply personally.