Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our Dining Room

Our dining room is my favourite room in our house. It is pretty much the only room we have 'done up'; I am ok with that though, since we are only renting.

We had a housemate for awhile and whilst she lived here, the room was used as a dining room/study. This made for a very cramped room, with a dining table and study area. 

After she moved, Steve and I put the study desk in the spare room and moved the dining table to the centre of the room. We decided to buy a rug, since we have hardwood floorboards and need to protect the wood from chairs moving in and out. Steve and I both prefer Persian style rugs over modern rugs; as such we chose this one:

This was the colour palette we based the rest of the room on, so everything else is black and white. We decided on this table runner (and added a vase and some candle holders for decoration)

We decided on this light shade. Simple, but it ties in well.

A few weeks after we put all that together, I decided the walls looked bare, so we got some photographs printed and bought some black and white frames from Ikea. We started a gallery wall which is yet to be finished; this is the progress so far:

This is also Teddy's favourite room. He loves the rug and can often be found asleep under the dining table.

The room is not spectacular like I have seen reading other blogs; it does however reflect Steve and I. We like simple things and we aren't very good decorators. In saying that, I am very pleased with the outcome

Have you decorated your house? 
Do you and your partner like to stick to a certain style?


  1. It's a cute room & there is no other style better than your own <3 my boyfriend & i like eclectic style mixed with modern :) i love gallery walls too, we've started one & i think i like it better unfinished with the ability to add more photos to the wall as the memories get made !! Great post x

  2. gorgeous rug, it really is the star of the room! xx

  3. I love the photos, it's looking gooood! And oh my god what breed is your dog?!! WANT!


  4. That collection of frames on the wall is really stunning, love it! X