Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sweet friends

K's boyfriend is currently away with the Army. T and I undertaking Operation keep K busy and we've been thinking of things to do on weekends to keep her busy and also so we can all catch up.

We went down to Bulli for a picnic on Saturday. The weather was windy and cold and we lasted 5 minutes, literally. Off to a restaurant we went for lunch, at 11:30am. Lucky they open early!

We sat outside, since the undercover area was quite closed in. There was also one of those big gas heaters, which I promptly turned off by moving it. Lucky the staff were understanding and came to light it again for me.

The name of the restaurant/pub was Scarborough Hotel. The set up was fantastic. You could choose from indoor seating, outdoor undercover or out in the open overlooking the water. If there was no wind, the day would have been picture perfect.

T had caesar salad, K had a Roast pumpkin salad and I had a Thai Beef salad. All great options.

We then ventured in to Thirroul where we found a few cute little home wares/gifts shops.

Such a lovely day, with beautiful friends.


  1. I've been here! Such a beautiful part of the coast. Love all the cliffs and beautiful beaches.

    Love your photography :)

  2. Some great food photography in this post, all looks so good :-)