Monday, May 7, 2012

Review - Assiette Restaurant, Surry Hills

For my Birthday this year, I asked S to pick a beautiful restaurant for my Birthday. He kept it a secret until the night and I was honestly so pleased at his choice.

Assiette in Surry Hills offers dishes with a modern French twist and there is an option of either the Degustation menu or the A La Carte menu.

We chose the Degustation menu for something special and we were so so happy with our choice.

There were 8 courses and each course out did the previous. For a sample menu, click here. Ours differed a little, but you get the gist. 

After the first course came out, we thought me may walk out hungry. By the fourth course, we thought we may not be able to finish our meal. Degustations offer small servings, but the way they are spaced out ensures that each meal has settled by the time the next is served. We were well and truly full by the end and I had to turn down S's offer of taking me for cocktails because I was just too full!

The service was fantastic. The first course was brought to us within 15 minutes of arriving and the waiters and waitresses were knowledgable and friendly. Rather than choosing matched wines, we opted to get a bottle of wine we knew we would love. 

I forgot to take the camera with us, so I only had my iPhone. It was a little dark so the pictures aren't the best quality. Despite my poor pictures, I can assure that the dishes and presentation were amazing. 

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