Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh, Happy Days

Dear Friday, Thank you for being here. You have and always will continue to be my favourite day of the week. I hope we remain friends forever (BFF's)

Dear Uni, our relationship starts again in two weeks. It's love, hate and I can't wait to be finished with you. In the mean time, please treat me nicely. Nothing too hard, ok?

Dear S, Thanks for being you. Thanks for letting me get Schnitzel for dinner when neither of us felt like cooking. Thanks for letting me get another dog (ok, he hasn't said yes but I'm working on it)..and thank you for being a great boy friend.

Dear Teddy, oh man you are so cute. Thanks for waking S up in the mornings for walk time and not me. You my dear dog, know that this lady likes to sleep in.

Dear work IT guys, THANK YOU for my new computer. Now I don't have to wait 5 times a day for my computer to finish its hissy fit.

Happy Friday all! I hope you all have nice weekends planned.



  1. hehe love your thank you's.. cute puppies!
    Happy Friday to you hun, it has to be my fave day too. There's just something special in the air that says it's Friday!! :)

  2. HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Thank you for making me smile with the dancing Garfield!

  3. Naw.. your boys are both adorable!

  4. Which uni do you attend?

    The pic of you and your pup is just the cutest :)