Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday, my favourite

I have to apologise for my absence this week. S has his final exams next week and has been using my laptop. His is on it's way out so he is using mine because it actually opens documents without having a hissy fit.

Here is my life in iPhone pictures from the last week.


From left to right, top to bottom
1.    Teddy looking over the street
2.    Le Pain Quotidian for an evening coffee
3.    Jaffa tart from Becasse Bakery
4.    An Opera (?) slice from Becasse Bakery
5.    Teddy insisted on sitting on my lap while I pinned a dress
6.    A rainbow after some showers
7.    A cute old car I saw when at the shops
8.    A banana self saucing cake a neighbour baked for us
9.    Ted looking for possums
10. Sake and Asahi Beer at Tomodachi in Glebe
11. Gyoza, yum!
12. Chicken Okonomiyaki

I have a super busy weekend coming up, how about you?

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