Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Learning to use the SLR

S and I bought a new SLR recently and I have been playing around with is as much as possible to try and better my picture taking skills. I love using the camera only on manual as it brings out much nicer pictures...that is, if you have set the settings correctly!

I've seen a lot of self portraits on the internet and decided to have a go myself..mostly because I was waiting for S to finish work and it's dark out so I can't get any natural light pictures. What's a girl to do!

 I also tried to get Teddy to model for me, but as soon as he sees the camera he looks anywhere but where I want him to. Well Teddy, I know you love having your picture taken, so moving doesn't fool me little man!

Does anyone have tips on how to improve my camera skills? I am in the midst of teaching myself ISO, Aperture and F stop settings and I have come a fair way from the girl who used to set the SLR to auto and shoot!

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