Friday, June 6, 2014

Hiatus is over!

Sorry about the hiatus. I just did an exam today and I had dedicated the previous two weeks to study. FYI, I think I smashed it so the hiatus was worth it!

I won't do a big catch up post, just a few posts of what I have been up to. Despite studying my bum off, I've also been super busy.

2 weeks ago, we drove down to Canberra for Steve's cousins 25th Birthday party. The Mecure in Braddon is pet friendly so we booked a room and took Ted along for the fun. The room was great! All tiled (obvious reasons), a pet bed included and a toy for Ted. Ted has this weird thing about tiles and floorboards though, so he pretty much spent most of his time outside or sitting in one spot as he doesn't like to walk around. The yard was huge! It covered the span of three rooms and only our room had access so Ted was in heaven. I thought it a little weird that it also backed on to the other rooms because if I really wanted to, I could have looked straight in (no, I didn't. I don't think there were people in them). Teddy loves Canberra. He ran around that yard back and forth for a couple of days and it was the happiest I've seen him in awhile!

There aren't too many places for coffee in Canberra that are good, so we went to the only couple of good cafes while we were down there. Lonsdale Street Roasters in Braddon, Urban Pantry in Manuka and Farmers Daughter in Yarralumla. 
B's birthday was good fun. Her parents put on a great party with delicious food and even in the cold Canberra weather, everyone had a good time. Afterwards we went out in Kingston, but I couldn't tell you what the place was called since I didn't take any notice. It wouldn't be hard to find because it's probably the only place open late on a Saturday night ;-)
We took Teddy through a car wash and the look of terror on his face indicated that it might not have been the best idea. 
But we made up with it by letting him stick his head out the window to feel the wind in his beard along the lake. Seriously, loves Canberra. He can't get enough!
And that's our weekend to Canberra! It was fun and we needed it. Shame the hotel room didn't have a bath, but the buffet breakfast was pretty good, so we'll call that a win!

What have you all been up to?


  1. You are glowing with happiness :) Ted is so adorable, the look on his face in the car wash is priceless! I'm always impressed with how much you jam in to life.

    P.S I can't wait for your engagement party post, not long to go now!

    1. Less than two weeks!! Very exciting!

      Haha, well S doesn't like to stay home (even for a whole day), so we seem to always be on the go.

  2. Looks like a good weekend ! I love canberra :) We drive through alot on the way to the snow & i dont get to stop there as much as i want to ! I agree with ^ that comment about you glowing ! You really are Rhi x

    1. Oh I love the snow. Do you drive from Sydney down to the slopes?

      Thanks love!

  3. Awwww how cute is the dog-friendly hotel!! Glad Ted loves Canberra, he is such a cutie

    1. I didn't even know such places existed! Pet-friendly hotels are the best!