Wednesday, June 11, 2014

J turns 21

A couple of weeks ago, we headed out to my parents place after work on a Friday to celebrate my brothers 21st. This brother is number 3 in the line of 6 kids. He doesn’t drink much, so we knew it would be a tame night. I actually didn’t take the camera, so any pics here are ones Mum took and there aren’t any of the food so it’s just people.
Steve, J and I
My parents ordered catering and we feasted on meat off the spit, salads, potato bake etc etc. Delicious comfort foods that are perfect on a cold night (and it was cold where they live!)

It was a good reason to catch up with family and we had a great time, even if he wouldn’t skull a drink like you are meant to at ALL 21st’s!
3 of my brothers and I (all J's!). J16, J21 and J18
J actually left for the US with his girlfriend yesterday, so most gifts were US money. Steve and I got denominations of $10 notes and rolled some ties up that we had at home (unworn of course!) and slotted the notes inside, then placed a $10 note on top. He opened it and thanked us for the $10 and ties before realising that there was money hidden inside the box. Not sure why he thought we’d only give him a $10 note as that wouldn’t get him very far in the US!

Sorry about the quality of the pics, I got them off facebook and emailed them to myself and it made them look a bit funny!


  1. Wow I didn't realise you are 1 of 6!! Are you the oldest?