Thursday, May 22, 2014


I am running towards (ha!) my goal of 300km this year slowly but surely. So far, I am up to about 90km, but have only recorded 77.71km according to my Nike Running app. I definitely need to up my game if I want to reach 300km since we're almost half way through the year already...the running needs to increase and the excuses decrease. I'll get there!

For the past four weeks I've also been following a program called Tone it up and I finally can mention it on the blog because I have actually stuck to something for like the first time ever! Yay. It's currently in the bikini series 8 week course leading up the US summer so I am going to have a wonderful bikini body to cover up in Winter!
The program is so easy to follow with day to day videos to follow. You are encouraged to do a 'bootycall' in the morning (go for a run), but there is no getting me up in the morning so I am sticking to the workouts only. I usually only run about 3 times a week anyway. The workouts target a different part of your body each day, so the pain the next day never seems quite as bad. 

My eating habits have improved and I am eating less junk and opting for more healthy options. It helps that there are healthy options close to work and close to where I live. We recently found a paleo cafe close by and whilst I am not jumping on any band wagons, I do appreciate being able to get a quick meat and veg dinner to heat up at home when I can't be bothered to cook.

Have you been in to any fitness lately?

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