Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wedding part one - the day before

The Thursday before our Saturday wedding, I took the day off work thinking I wouldn’t have much to do all day. I was wrong, of course. I cleaned, went to buy stuff, made stuff and the list went on. By the time Steve got home at 7pm (he couldn’t take any time off – busy time at work), I was still in the same clothes as when he left at 8am and I was still going. I called it a day, showered, had dinner and then had an early night ready for the next huge day.

At 5am on Friday morning, my alarm went off letting me know it was time to get up for the flower markets. Honestly, I was SO excited for the flower markets, so getting up was no problem. My sister in law, D and I got ready as quietly as we could, jumped on the road and realised the markets were only about 15 minutes down the road in the quiet morning traffic.

The flower markets lived up to my expectations in every way possible. Of course, it's overwhelming, but when that's pushed aside we set off to find what we needed. I was going for vibrant, berry colours which quickly turned in to vibrant natives with some other flowers thrown in to tie it all together and some baby’s breath because what bride doesn't have baby's breath?

Look, I know the flower markets are cheap, but I didn’t know they would be THAT cheap. I got all my flowers for $80. Yes, $80.

I pottered through all the stores selling natives looking at all the loose flowers thinking ‘I have no idea how to put these together’. I went back to the first store I’d found selling natives and was standing there pondering what to buy when I looked down and noticed they were selling bouquets. Already made, ready to go, ready for me to walk down the metaphorical aisle with. I picked up one, then 2 more thinking I could find some use for them and was expecting a hefty price tag because they were just so beautiful. Well..wrong again, Rhiannon. $30 for three bouquets!
After we’d amassed a collection of beautiful blooms, we set them in the car so we could go over to the little Italian café for breakfast. If you go to the flower market, you actually can’t miss going to this place. It’s like flower heaven followed by café heaven. D and I were going to have a Nutella and banana scroll each until the guy told us we wouldn’t finish it. We tried to convince him otherwise to no avail, so we shared. Well, yeah he was right. I was stuffed after my half, but that certainly didn’t stop us from getting another pastry to share at home later on. Obviously I was watching my figure for my impending nuptials.

We were home by 8am, in time to show Steve the flowers before jetting off again to pick up my beautiful friend K and her partner, C from the airport. Poor C… he didn’t know what he had gotten himself in to when he agreed to help us.

The day was then spent arranging flowers and beautifying the house ahead of the ceremony the next day. At one point, D’s boyfriend, L came over (he was meant to hang out with the boys) and started vomiting and it was at that point I declared we were done and vacated to the 3 bedroom apartment I had booked for the girls that evening. We left L at home (poor guy) and asked him to make sure he sanitised to make sure no-one else got sick the next day. The original intention was for the boys to head back and stay at the house, but at 9pm when L said he was still sick I asked them to stay with us girls so I wouldn’t wake up to a vomiting groom.

The group of us at the apartment went back and forth between ordering take out or going out for dinner before deciding we’d go out and get Japanese. It was really nice to spend that time with friends the night before to keep our minds off the wedding. While it was a super relaxed wedding and hardly stressful, I think we both had some nerves and keeping our mind off it was key!  

The apartment we stayed in was the Meriton on the corner of Bathurst and Pitt street and we were up on the 41st floor. The views were amazing and the apartment itself was so spacious. There was plenty of room for the 6 of us to hang out on the couches. It was the perfect way to spend an evening ahead of our big day!


  1. Ahhhh absolutely loving all these stories! I was planning to go out to the flower markets next month to see what's in bloom around this time of year. Where is this amazing cafe you speak of?

    Can't wait for more stories :)


    1. You will love it, it's so fun! I saw roses, natives etc but I don't know the names of most flowers so I can't tell you much more than that lol.

      There were 2 cafes I saw and you can't miss this one as when you walk in there are cabinets with pastries and cannoli's etc. It's Italian and you can definitely tell.