Thursday, June 12, 2014

7 reasons having an office job sucks

1.    There are 100 people using 2 microwaves…and then someone leaves time on the timer. Don’t be an asshole, clear the timer!

2.    28 levels up and I can’t open the windows. Then a cold/flu sweeps through the office and we can’t air the place out so it’s a vicious cycle of who will catch the air vent cold next.

3.    Similar to the above. We can’t open windows. If your food is stinky, everyone has to put up with that. Especially if you sit near the kitchen.

4.    I sit here all day looking at the amazing view from 28 floors up. Then I think, wow wouldn’t it be nice to actually enjoy the outside rather than just look at it. You can, on Saturday and Sunday...

5.    People urinate on the toilet seat and then just leave it there. Eww! Clean that up, girl!

6.    You never know which season to dress for. One day it could be like the Antarctic and the next it could be Sub-Saharan Africa. Look, I like cold and hot weather/temperatures as much as the next person but it might be nice to get a print out of the temps at the beginning of the week so I can dress accordingly.

7.    I have an office job, which means I have a job. So yeah, that sucks.

*This post is in jest, don’t take me too seriously J I'm very grateful for my office job!

Why do you hate working in an office?


  1. i hate working in an office because it's so open plan & i feel like the few times i check my text messages i am being watched :(

  2. 100% because people eat tuna near me. VOMIT
    I am so lucky that currently no one who sits near me eats tuna but I have suffered in the past. touch wood.

    I also am 100% with you on the temperature thing. What is worse is when assholes run their own personal fan heaters and it messes with the central thermostat (eg the central thermo thinks its super boiling because of said jerks heater) and it reacts accordingly cooling the floor down to 18 degrees, and everyone else freezes.

    I also hate the cramped kitchen in my current work place and the weirdo's who cook 3 course meals in there.

    I dislike listening to mundane chit chat of people in lifts from other floors, and when they hold the door open waiting for their friends.


    I don't mind being open plan as long as my screen faces me and not outwards.