Friday, November 30, 2012

A girls night

When the cats are away, the mice will play. Or something like that. I had very big plans with my couch last Friday evening, since S was to be away at a Bucks weekend. Then D (S's sister) came home and declared it was drinking time for the ladies.
Pretty D
So drink we did. We started off with a Rekorderlig Winter Cider. Have you tried that? It isn't too bad. I prefer mine cold, over the warm option. 

The plans were for a cocktail or two, light dinner and then home time, since D was working the next day. We went to Black Sheep, Newtown and were pleasantly surprised that not only did they have fantastic live music, they also had a quaint little table available. Black Sheep has always looked busy when I have walked past, but when you look past the mass of people watching the live music, tables are usually available at the back. 

First drink was my choice and I chose the Hendricks, Rosewater and Vanilla martini. Decadence at its best.  I am happy to say the cocktail exceeded my expectations; a strong alcohol taste with a beautiful vanilla taste. The floating flower was an added bonus.
Hendricks, Rosewater, Vanilla martini ($18)
To go with the cocktails, I chose a dip and bread board. Something light, yet substantial for our empty stomachs. We ate the bread before the dips and bits were finished and the wait staff were happy to provide us with more so we could finish the dips.
Bread and Dips plate ($12)
Next up, was D's choice. She came back with a bottle of red, which went down nicely with the rest of the aforementioned bread and dips.

You would think after a cider, cocktail and half a bottle of red each we would call it a night and go home? No, we went out looking for a dance. And dance we did. The Marly Bar (Malborough Hotel) also has live music, to which D danced up a storm. I watched from the side and awkwardly moved from one foot to the other, as you do.

And then finally, it was bed time. Sweet, sweet bed time.


  1. I REALLY need to go here! I don't know why I haven't yet. I think that cocktail with the flower in it sold me :P

    1. You should definitely go there! The cocktail list is amazing. I am a sucker for live music too, so I'll definitely be back.