Monday, November 5, 2012


Not much has been happening around here. Between studying for Uni and saving for our holiday, our weekends have been quiet. 

Saturday Steve and I spent most of the day around the house before he went to be fitted for a suit for our friends wedding. Sunday we spent the day cleaning and doing Uni work. Exciting, I know..

 We got our first lot of Japanese Yen. Only 48 days until our trip and we are pumped!

 There is a cool t-shirt shop in Newtown called Monster Threads. Steve had a few drinks at work and after I picked him up he was in a buying mood. So he bought me this shirt
And these shorts.
 Warm weather always sees me wanting to try new cool beverages. This one tasted like Devon. The meat. Eww
 Rekorderlig is perhaps my most favourite cool beverage. Ever.
 I have been trying to embrace my natural curls lately. They look good when in the process of drying and by the end of the day I have a frizzy mane. Sigh.
We love our long weekend walks. Teddy loves the car.
 This afternoon we had a doggy play date with Teddy's BF, Bobby. She is still a pup but towers over Teddy now. It is hilarious to watch!

I am going to try and change up the font around here. I think the one I use most of the time is way too small!

I have a busy couple of months coming up, so I hope that means some more interesting things to blog about because even I am bored of this little blog here!


  1. Awww Teddy is so cute!!! Love his little eyebrows :) Those shorts are super cute, girl, and I say embrace the curls! Just... maybe try putting some mousse in while it's still damp? That helps with my frizz!


  2. Love your hair natural! Mine is always straight in random parts and curly in random parts and looks so weird! So excited for you about your trip! ...and jealous! I bet you will have a blast! :)