Thursday, November 15, 2012

Something to be excited about

In Japan, Steve and I will be heading to Hakuba (near Nagano where the 1998 Winter Olympics were held) to go skiing.

On Monday, Steve entered a competition predicting the date the ski slopes would be opened for the season. He said the 24th November, which was about 12 days from when he entered the competition.

I was dubious considering this is what we saw when looking at the snow cams.

Yesterday, a friend we met in Hakuba last year posted on my facebook wall to let me know it was snowing. I thought it would just be a light cover that would melt away. I didn’t have time to check the cameras, so when I got home I had a look.

This is what I saw.
So Steve, perhaps you will win that competition afterall.


  1. what are the prizes? Where can I find this competition?

  2. Freddy, unless you are planning to ski in Hakuba this season I doubt the competition would be of any use to you.

  3. Go Steve!!!!!

    Really hope that one day I'll get to learn how to ski.

    1. I hope you do too! Skiing is a lot of fun. I used to not like it, but after skiing in Japan last year, I now love it. I'm still scared of going too fast though!