Thursday, December 6, 2012

Living in the now

It is so easy to get caught up on the future instead of enjoying what is happening now. I am guilty of planning what is going to happen in 2 weeks, 6 months even 2 years away and quite often I forget to stop and really enjoy what is happening around me.

With the silly season well upon us (and only 17 days until Japan), life has been a whirlwind of work, study, exams, drinks, catching up with friends and family, preparing for a friends wedding and everything else that comes with the usual end of year season. Seldom do I ever take a moment to really look at what I am doing and immerse myself in that moment. To feel the moment and just soak it all in.

Tonight, we did just that. I cuddled Teddy as I do most evenings and Steve quickly found the camera to snap a few pictures. To capture that moment in time that would be so easily forgotten otherwise. I will look back fondly of these times, I am sure. A little family of Steve, Teddy and I and wonder what it was like.


We looked at pictures tonight from our Japan trip last year. One year ago. One whole year. I caught myself thinking out loud 'where did that year go?'. It seems like last week that we got off the plane, arriving back in to Sydney airport and now in two weeks time, we will be boarding a plane to head back there.

Then Steve sat down to study and I snapped a few pictures of him..because he is always the one taking photos. Plus, I don't like to look through albums that have only photos of me..

Do you ever stop to really take in the moment you are in?


  1. I love this post! People laugh at me for doing this, but every now and then whether I'm spending the day with my family, or celebrating a holiday, or just having a really fun day, I'll stop for a minute and close my eyes to soak in how wonderful the moment is. It's a wonderful habit to get into!

    1. That's such a great way to really soak in the atmosphere and the little moments. People may think it is funny, but it is them that will forget the moment!