Friday, November 30, 2012

A baby is born

Ash from Miss Directions was in Sydney last week on business and we had plans on Thursday to meet up for lunch. I was really excited as I have spoken to Ash a few times away from blogging and I was excited to meet my first 'blog friend'. Plus she is really sweet - who wouldn't want to meet her.

Little Nephew was due on November 30th. That is today. I got a text from my Brother (J) last Tuesday to say that Sister in Law's (S) waters broke and she would be being induced the next day, Wednesday. Great timing, Little plans are off!

So, S was induced the next day and spent the day labouring before having an emergency Caesarian at 10:30pm. 

I met him the next day and he is the cutest little boy ever. I may be just a little biased.

Little Nephew, you are so very gorgeous. Welcome to this world! I can't wait to feed you lollies while your parents aren't watching! Haha, just kidding...I wouldn't do that.
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