Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When all you can do is laugh (or cry)

Our bed had been on the way out for a couple of weeks, but S and I had been putting off getting a new one because our housemate is soon to be moving out and we will be rearranging some of our rooms. We weren't sure which room we would use as the main bedroom so just put up with the creaky bed.

A couple of weeks ago we had been to the gym, were showered and ready for bed at 11:30pm. I was downstairs and S was upstairs. All of a sudden I heard 'Oh crap, oh no'...'Rhi, can you come here'. I rushed upstairs to find S holding up the bed to stop it from falling on to Ted, who was sitting on the floor right at the foot of the bed. I quickly moved Ted before S let go and down fell the bed.

At 11:30pm we had the lovely task of dismantling the bed frame, clearing our stuff from under the bed and vaccumming all the dust that had been disturbed.. I should also note here that I have a pretty bad reaction to dust and my nose started to run and my eyes went itchy, puffy and red.

It was one of those moments where you laugh or cry. We were both exhausted and this was the last thing we wanted to do at 11:30pm at night. The whole time, Ted was asleep on the pile of quilts that we had put at the side and was a bit annoyed when I moved him back on to his own bed.

Now we have the awesome task of finding a new bed (yep, we've been sleeping on the mattress!). We've had a look at a few places but we're pretty picky so we haven't made a decision yet. Plus our housemate is moving this weekend so we'll be waiting until we've sorted out rooms.

Has your bed ever broken?
Have you ever had the pleasure or re-arranging a room at the most inconvenient time?


  1. heheh sorry but I had to laugh at this post just a tee bit! :P

  2. Ha, I can laugh now. At the time when I was having a reaction to the dust - there was no laughter then! HAHA