Thursday, July 26, 2012

Girl Behind the Blog

Welcome to my second Vlog in the Girl Behind the Blog series!

Ashley from 5ohWifey is the main host and this month she teamed up with Lindsay from Trial By Sapphire which is awesome, because I love both of their blogs!

The topic this month is: Begin, Accomplish or Change.

A few things I have learnt this month:

-      Vlog’s don’t need to be perfect. Last month, I shot my vlog something like 5-6 times. This month, twice. I only re-shot because my first one was on my SLR and I knew the file would be huge.. well our internet is playing up at the moment, so rather than wait a million hours for it to upload to Vimeo, I just re-shot with my Mac’s cam and here you have the blurry video..yay!
-      I fidget, a lot!
-      Vimeo and Youtube are just so awesome at choosing a person’s best shot. I mean, look at that still at the start of my video. Flattering, right? Ha.
-      I am SO excited for my change!!
- I sound nasal because I'm still recovering from a cold (from weeks ago, what's with that?)
- S told me I sound too serious.. so next time I will try and be less serious ha!

Side note: I realise it kind of sounds like I am updating my blog just to gain new followers which I didn't mean. I am updating it so that I am more confident with my blog which might motivate me to blog more and be able to connect with other bloggers more.
Anyway, I guess you should just watch it. Here goes!



  1. You did so well! I've never vlogged (except for an accent vlog for my friends once). It makes me really nervous for some reason. I'm excited to see your new blog design!

  2. Hey Rhiannon, I think a new blog design is a great idea, it doesn't necessarily mean more followers but it does make you happy and so much more confident and that in itself is wonderful! I can't wait to see what you do with your blog! xoxoxo

  3. You are so cute! I remember the feeling of wanting to connect but feeling like my blog design was holding me back. I'm excited for you to be getting your new design sometime soon. Glad you linked up again!

  4. I just love your accent!! So pretty!! I just recently updated my layout, thanks to a friend, but I agree with you in being more drawn to blogs with pretty layouts. I hope you get the design you want and are able to accomplish that goal!

  5. I love your accent!!! I know to you it's nothing but an Aussie accent has always been my favorite! I could listen to it all day...maybe I should move there?! Haha
    I wish you well on your layout goals!

  6. Soooo true about the blog layout!
    I really want to make a blog post about it, but I really don't want to offend anyone.

    Love your accent! I'm gonna follow you :)