Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Body Image

Let me put something out there that we all know. We all come in different shapes and sizes, that's just how life works.

I get asked SO often how I stay thin. My answer is always healthy eating and exercise. My metabolism is a major part of the equation as well. It has always been good and I am thankful for that. It runs in my family and I can thank my Mum for my metabolism.

I'm a firm believer in accepting your body. If you are happy and you are fit then there is no reason comparing yourself to other women. A lady I know is constantly eating chocolate; sometimes all day long. She complains of putting on weight and asks me for my secret.

I often point out to her that we are all different and if everyone was the same size, what a boring world we would live in. 

Your body is what you eat and what exercise you do (I know there are other factors!!). A healthy eating choice is one step closer to having the body you are looking for. I think so many people are hung up on comparing themselves to others and this is unrealistic.

There are so many websites and blogs that have tips on healthy eating, healthy recipes and quick exercise routines (or long ones if you are so inclined). So many resources at everyone’s fingertips for that little nudge toward getting healthy and fit and loving yourself that will have people wondering why they didn't start earlier. 

I myself used to eat heaps of junk which I am slowly cutting down on. I'd like to become fit and healthy and to do this, I need to exercise more and eat less of the sweet treats I once loved. I won't cut this out completely, I will do it slowly. I don't think anyone should cut out their treats completely; we all need something to look forward to when eating lettuce (ha!).

Do you try and stay healthy?
Do you exercise regularly?
If so, what is your favourite way to exercise?


  1. I suck at exercising. Unless it's yoga or walking, I'm really out of shape. I really need to get back into fitness. This post may have just inspired me to do so!

  2. Well said.

    I also hate that when you are slimmer than someone else, if anything gets mentioned about you wanting to eat healthier or exercise more, they always ask you why...