Friday, July 27, 2012

Cheers to the weekend

Dear little blog of mine,
I am so excited to see the new layout and blog design that Bobbi is creating just for you. I love watching you grow and I love connecting with other bloggers!

Dear Sweet Steve (I'm just going to go ahead and use his name from now on),
Thank you for everything this week, last week and the many weeks before that. Thank you so much for the hilarious text message that had me snorting on the bus trying not to laugh out loud. The lady sitting next to me truly thought I was a weirdo...I could tell by the side glances.
These two love each other so much! 
(excuse the terrible lighting!)

Dear lady on the bus,
I wish I could have showed you the text I received, but you wouldn't have understood the joke. Inside jokes are the best.

Dear Hair,
Oh my goodness. It has taken 23 years but I can finally say I can put loose curls in you. I am the most uncoordinated hair curler ever and I can finally do it! Hooray!

Dear Work,
Could you get any busier?! I sure don't fancy this staying back until 7pm business. I'm thankful the next couple of weeks should bring my usual finish time back.

Dear Weekend,
On that note, how awesome is it that you are here in about 24 hours. Let the drinks begin!

Dear K, 
Cheers to the weekend lovely friend. Drinks will be flowing tomorrow evening and I can't wait for a girly catch up!

Dear Teddy,
How could I write letter's and not include you? Apart from your usual cuteness, I would just like to point out how seriously adorable it is that you are sitting next to me snoring away. Stay cute, Pup. 


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  1. I love this post! It made me smile :-)

    And nice work on the curls, I've given up trying hehe!