Thursday, July 12, 2012


Life has been busy lately. A whirlwind in fact. I am being left behind and I need time out.

Work will be really really busy until the end of July and I can't take any leave until after then. S has started a new job that see's him home later. I have had too much alone time and it is getting to me.

I am so proud of him and I am so thankful for the effort he is putting in so that we can live a happy life. His dreams are big and he is reaching them. I am soooo proud.

I am dreaming of a holiday away from the cold weather, away from work, away from the daily grind. S has no leave and can't come, so I will take some girlfriends instead.

Somewhere I can just relax on a beach, maybe get a tan (ha, I'm too white!), sip cocktails and clear my mind.

Fiji or Bali perhaps. Does anyone have recommendations? Where do you go to 'get away from it all'?

Oh, the dream


  1. Either or sounds great to me! Never been so can't offer any advice I'm afraid.

    It's summer in Hawaii right now...

  2. Alone time means sewing time...embrace it!

  3. Personally, I'd like to escape to some island far away where there is a cool breeze and a hut on the beach and I don't have to see another human for days. I don't care where it is! Ahhh.... good luck with that. =)