Friday, July 6, 2012

Hey there, Friday.

Hello weekend, you have been missed! Am I the only one that thinks the weeks are flying by?

Dear Friday, we meet again, BFF.

Dear Bed, Thanks so much for breaking the other night at 11pm. I'm glad you thought the best time for that was 11pm. It's not like I was actually getting in to sleep or anything!

Dear S, I'm loving that you only work 2 streets away from me now. These little lunchtime rendezvous' are great! Also, I'm going to win the bet. I WON'T come home from my work party tipsy tonight. You'll see :-P (S thinks I will come home tipsy if previous work parties are anything to go by)

Dear Teddy, You're cute. Especially when you let me blowdry your wet little paws after running around in the rain. You've got that downpat.

Dear nephew-to-be, I can't wait to meet you. I knew it was a little boy growing in there and I am SO excited to meet you in November. Oh baby boy, you are already so loved.

Dear Camera, This weekend - no stuffups, ok? I'm a bit over it!

Dear work/uni, Life is hectic. Work you are super busy and Uni, you are persistent...tone down will you? I need to write more blog posts!

Dear Saturday, We've got big plans. Put on the good weather for us whydon'tya?

Happy weekend friends!

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