Monday, November 3, 2014

A weekend away

Steve went away to the US on Friday, so Ted and I drove down to the South Coast, NSW for a little getaway. My Pop lives down there and we stayed with him in his house near the beach. I thought it would be a 4 hour drive, but 6 hours later and we made it. It took me 2.5 hours to get out of Sydney to Wollongong. Ridiculous! 

We started Saturday with a walk along the beach and lakes that surround the area. It was a stunning day and the beaches really put it on.
We stopped for coffee and Ted had a little rest under the table. 
When the sun was going down, we went for a little drive to get some photos. The weather had gone from about 30 during the day to about 15 and it was so windy. Nice you can tell by the photos. 
Bit chilly around the ole' ears.
So lovely! It was such a nice weekend away and we really needed it. My Pop is so accommodating, he even washed my car while I napped! 

How was your weekend?

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